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2018 Summer Interns Present Final Project
July 30, 2018

Last Friday marked the end of our 2018 summer internship program. Elizabeth (Liberty University ‘18), JT (UNC – Wilmington ‘18), Andi (UNC School of the Arts ‘19) and Marin (UNC – Chapel Hill ‘19) collaborated to develop, produce, edit and mix a short film for the Durham Habitat for Humanity.

We are sad to see another phenomenal group of interns leave, but we know that they are equipped to conquer whatever their journey holds next.

Here’s what they had to say about their summer at Trailblazer:

What do you remember being most excited about at the beginning of the internship?

Elizabeth: I was excited to learn the different workflows everyone had and how they differed and were similar to the workflows I was taught in school.

JT: I had heard from past interns that the people at Trailblazer were great and welcoming. They were right!

Andi: I remember being super excited to meet the other interns before I was even offered this internship. At the end of my interview, Kristin  wanted to know if I had any questions and I asked about the intern camaraderie! I was not disappointed — these guys rock.

Marin: Okay, this is gonna sound a little nerdy, but I was most excited about getting to know the industry from the real-deal folks who are in it everyday. I was overjoyed to work on real projects and learn from the best.

What was your biggest takeaway from the summer?

Elizabeth: People skills —  working with clients is just as important as learning technical skills.

JT: Leaning about the structure of a studio and seeing the workflow in person was great.

Andi: My biggest takeaway from the summer was an extreme, reverential respect for the role editing plays in creating a non-scripted story. Crafting a compelling narrative from an ever-rolling camera on set is no joke and something I would love to delve even deeper into and learn everything about.

Marin: My biggest take away was the sheer amount of spaces within the industry. There are so many different hats you can wear just within Trailblazer, and it’s okay to explore a few different departments to see what suits you.

What was your favorite part about the internship?

Elizabeth: Going out on set with the interns was a lot of fun, getting to develop both our friendships, and our skills with working on location.

JT: Working with Habitat and creating the video was amazing. They were so nice and hope that they enjoy the video.

Andi: I loved getting to know my fellow interns! I loved sitting on Juan and David’s couch! The coffee machine! I loved when I got to work on a Salvage Dawgs scene with Bonnie! I loved spending time and making sounds with Willie! So much to love!

Marin: LOVED getting to know the other interns. Loved my bosses. Loved working on real projects. Loved the willingness of folks to teach you and help you in any way they could. Loved the fun environment. Loved it all.