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Trailblazer Produces Re-enactment
June 12, 2013

We’ve been working on a late nineteenth-century re-enactment project with director and good friend Allen Weiss that we can’t wait to show you. Last week we shot on location at Haywood Hall and Castle French Farms in Raleigh. The production team was led by Executive Producer Jeff Lanter, with art direction by Tre Benson and wardrobe by ElieRossetti-Serraino. Cinematographer Garye Costner said all the pieces came together smoothly and that the Trailblazer team is really, really happy with the production. “I love working with this team. It went beautifully.”

Director Allen Weiss directs a scene

Costume designer Elie Rosetti-Serraino adjusts the costume of lead actor, Rod Hoell

Director of Photography, Garye Costner, on set