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Trailblazer collaborates on Discovery’s “Winged Planet”
October 4, 2012

Our team at Trailblazer Studios is excited to announce our latest project, “Winged Planet,” set to premiere on October 6th on Discovery Channel. Discovery tapped Trailblazer to cut the original 6-hour BBC series down to a 2-hour special for the U.S. market.

Collaborating with executive producer Robert Zakin of Discovery Channel, Trailblazer’s own Bonnie Cutler led the post production team that included Aaron Keane who handled music editing, Michel Marrano who helped with sound editing, and Willie Elias who recorded the narration and handled the final sound mix. The editorial team helped deliver promotional clips, worked on titles and credits, and ensured that the final picture maintained the pristine quality captured by the original production team.

Award-winning filmmaker John Downer spent four years on this project – using spy cameras and other emerging techniques to capture a bird’s eye view of the world. Shot on three continents, “Winged Planet” gives viewers a thrilling experience as they ride on the backs and fly along with countless varieties of birds.

Tune in to Discovery Channel this weekend! “Winged Planet” premieres on Saturday, Oct. 6 at 8pm ET/PT. More info at WINGED PLANET